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Beef Protein


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 Beef Protein 

The protein content of lean, cooked beef is about 26–27% ( 2 ).Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate is an incredible alternative that contains no fat or cholesterol, allowing you to get the benefits of beef protein in a delicious, fast-digesting and convenient protein shake – without the excess calories. Plus, it’s lactose, sugar, and dairy-free making it easier to digest.

Is Beef Protein or Fat?

Beef has powered athletes. Spanning the early foundations of fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters and continuing on with modern-day health experts and competitive athletes, beef has been a dietary cornerstone used to spur muscle growth and performance. Beef is typically loaded with unhealthy levels of fat and cholesterol, and also takes significant time and resources to prepare and consume.

What is the Difference between Beef Protein vs. Whey?

While whey protein has a superior essential amino acid profile and faster absorption rate, beef protein has longer-lasting amino acids within the bloodstream and shows the same, if not better gains in muscle mass and strength compared to whey protein when taken after a workout.


Buy Beef Protein Powder, Aminos and Supplements

Beef Aminos is a high potency blend of superior beef amino acids derived from the highest quality beef protein isolate, beef albumin concentrate and Argentine beef liver. Concentrated amino acids as well as many other necessary and essential nutrients, all harnessing the anabolic potential of beef, ideal support for your muscle building endeavors.

Beef is high in protein and one of the best natural sources of creatine, making it ideal for muscle building.* Great for those with dairy or whey sensitivities. Beef Isolates are more concentrated than whey protein and have fast absorption rates.*

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